Mine Exploration

Mine ExplorationHere in Snowdonia, we are surrounded by a large number of mines. They include gold, copper and lead mines as well as world famous slate mines.  Two or three of these are open to tourists. The sorts of mine to which we have access, however, are far more adventurous and open to very few, since we must hold appropriate qualifications and insurance.


Some people always imagine that to explore mines must involve squeezing through narrow bits and getting wet. We can do this if you want, but a few points to put your mind at rest. Mines were places of work, so access usually involves tunnels big enough to walk through comfortably. They often have water underfoot, but we supply the wellies. Some of the chambers underground are huge and the mines we take you in are all inspected by a qualified mine engineer who issues annual reports and safety recommendations to mine leaders.

Slate mine          Tunnel         Waste Wagon

The technical aspects of mine exploration vary from straightforward walking in and out on the same level, to ones that involve all sorts of exciting ropework. One good thing, however, is no matter how bad the weather outside might be, underground it stays relatively dry and a fairly constant temperature. Unlike caves, they are not prone to rapid flooding.

Tyrolean in Rhiwbach

Tyrolean in Rhiwbach

Sygun Copper Mine

Some of the mine systems still contain interesting artefacts and machinery both below and above ground.


Rapid descent at the end of work by using a Car Gwyllt

Mine Access


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