Dogs are permitted with restricted access to the house at the owner’s discretion. If you wish to reserve a place with your dog please contact us before making a reservation.

Our Facilities
  • Due to a significant allergy in the family it is necessary for us to restrict access to dogs in the house. Access is mostly prohibited with the exception of the ground floor bedroom and the basement hallway (for drying off).
  • The gardens and grounds at Cae’R Blaidd are not enclosed. There is, however, a gated courtyard which backs onto the kitchen. A great place for your dog to relax in the sun while you cook. This is also a place where your dog can take shelter in wet weather.
  • There is a portable dog shower available to use, where warm water can be added as needed.
  • There are number of quiet or single track roads on the doorstep, along with many off road public footpaths and walks. It will be possible to enjoy some local off lead walks, if you judge it appropriate for your dog’s training level. The main road between Llan Ffestiniog and Blaenau Ffestiniog has a pedestrian footpath. There are also ample dog friendly walks and beaches an easy drive away.

Our Conditions
  • Your dog must be exceptionally well-behaved and able to comply with these conditions.
  • Access is restricted in the house at present. Dogs may use the ground floor bedroom and basement hallway only.
  • Compliance with the the canine code of conduct (see below) is essential.
  • Dogs will need to have received up-to-date flea and worm treatment prior to visiting Cae’R Blaidd.
  • Dogs are not permitted to cause damage to the grounds at Cae’R Blaidd, including, but not limited to, digging up the lawn and surrounding plants.
  • If use is made of the kennel, this will need to swept out and disinfected when you leave. Jeyes fluid is provided for this purpose.

Canine code of conduct
  • The boundary to Cae’R Blaidd is not secure for dogs and livestock surround the adjacent fields. It is a serious welfare offence to allow your dog to chase livestock. Your dog will therefore need to be on lead whenever access to livestock may be gained.
  • Clean up after, and appropriately dispose of your dogs mess at all times. Any dog waste placed in the general waste bin must be in tied bags.
  • Keep your dog under proper control at all times.
  • Ensure that you are aware of, and comply with all current laws and bye-laws relating to your dog.

Tips to keep your dog safe at Cae’R Blaidd
  • If it does not already have this, consider an identification tag that displays the phone numbers that you may be contacted on while away.
  • Consider programming the contact number of the nearest vet into your phone…just in case!
  • We strongly recommend that you have appropriate equipment for tick removal and that you consider preventative measures.
  • Take extra care on some walks… there are steep cliff edges!
  • Don’t forget any doggie medication.